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2018 Road Roar Map unveiled

The 2018 Road Roar Map unveiled …..Kaduna  to OYO …Oct 29 – Nov 2nd  …..join the thrill

The 2018 RR route will see bikers from all over the nation’s enjoying a cross tour events starting from the NOK City (Kaduna State), moving through kanfanchan, Kagoro, Keffi (Nasarawa State) with a night stop-over in Abuja – […]

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2017 RoadRoar in Pics……

Here are pics from the 2017 Road Roar Adventure………SCAN will be visiting interesting places to bring out the diverse culture of our country.




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2018 RoadRoar Registration Information

The much anticipated annual Bikers Tour tag “THE ROAD ROAR” 2018 Registration Officially opens on the 23rd July 2018.
This year tour promises to be super fun as it is in conjunction with West African Bikers Converge.
This tour will see riders from all around West Africa participating, As the Road Roar® is conjunct with the […]

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A Rider’s Journey to Ghana


Starring: Hunta (Honda VFR1200FD)

Route: Nigeria-Benin-Togo-Ghana

So I had a wedding to attend over the Easter Holiday  in Accra, Ghana. The destination was not the “ish” how to get there was the ache..Fly, Public Transport, Drive or Ride?  Ride it is 😍😁. Decision made, I had 3days to sort out all […]

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The Gathering

Back at the Vantage Beach Hotel and Resort, we waited in earnest for Team RR to arrive. We knew that they were already in Lagos, but as at 5pm, they still hadn’t roared in to the venue. Grrrr…the wait was becoming unbearable. Sobag and Cony Love had rode in earlier to tell us that […]

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The 2015 Road Roar Day 5: Ibadan-Abeokuta-Lagos

By Dicta

The night at the Premier Hotel Ibadan was not restful! There was a night club below, jamming bad music at a very high volume all night till 5.30am! Since I could not sleep, I used this opportunity to complete day three and some of day four’s riding reports

And so day five started on […]

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The 2015 Road Roar Day 4: Ilorin – Ibadan

By Dicta

It was agreed we would leave by 11am (Ibadan na short ride naaaa!), thus the morning was slow. Complimentary breakfast provided, we ate and just lazed around. Smilyn had been having oil leakage issues so it was being attended to again; bank transactions were carried out and I was completing day two’s report. […]

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2015 Road Roar Day 3: Bida – Ilorin

By Dicta

I bursted out with laughter from my sleep around 4.30am when the Muslim call for prayer started…why? Day1 2doer complained of being disturbed in his sleep by the “too doo” receptionist. Day 2, I disturbed his sleep. This morning, not knowing there was a mosque behind us we were awakened by the call […]

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The Road Roar Day 2: Kaduna – Bida

The Road Roar: Day 2

By Dicta

I woke up around 2am and couldn’t go back to sleep so I got up and did the report for day 1. At 6am, I went to disturb the others. The day’s plan was to head out by 11am, (Bida is a short ride naaaa shior!). We went to […]

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The 2015 Road Roar Day 1: Gombe – Kaduna

The Road Roar: Day 1

by Dicta

Waking up after the ride to Gombe was a drag  but with alabukun in the system and the anticipation of the ride ahead I got up and got ready.

Ripple, Smilyn , 2 Doer and I had breakfast and headed out to the ignition point

The Jewel Bikers were already waiting and […]

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