Starring: Hunta (Honda VFR1200FD)

Route: Nigeria-Benin-Togo-Ghana

So I had a wedding to attend over the Easter HolidayΒ  in Accra, Ghana. The destination was not the “ish” how to get there was the ache..Fly, Public Transport, Drive or Ride?Β  Ride it is 😍😁. Decision made, I had 3days to sort out all documentation and sign-up for the International Tough Rider module on www.toughtourers.org

I wasn’t even bothered about where to stay🏨or what to eat🍲. Proper preparation for every ride is the most essential ingredient for a joyous journey and also seeking directions from those with previous experience, @rykersride was my “goto” person.Β  Documentation concluded by the evening of day 3(thursday) including contacts of Border crossing consultants. I had packed my box and laid out all my gear carefully ticking items off βœ”my checklist. Did a cursory check on Hunta🏍, all goodπŸ‘. Then I thought to warmup #Hunta….she wouldn’t start! Omg!😲 Battery had little or no juice at all😑…time was 10pm…ModeeπŸ‘Έ(@i_hunta) was on my case to go to bed…this can’t be happening😣. Grabbing my tools, I removed the batt from the GSΒ  and used it to attempt starting Hunta….it started phew!!😧 that was close! Let the 🏍 run for 10minsΒ  and shut it down…no starting again. Before sleeping, I had a good meal, water and a sachet of “Alabukun” (A powdery mix of Aspirin and caffeine)does wonders for the body on a journey then called it a night….6am was departure time. RIDE WITH ME!


See you at The Road Roar and The Gathering!