The Road Roar: Day 1

by Dicta

Waking up after the ride to Gombe was a drag  but with alabukun in the system and the anticipation of the ride ahead I got up and got ready.

Ripple, Smilyn , 2 Doer and I had breakfast and headed out to the ignition point

The Jewel Bikers were already waiting and we rode right into an NTA interview. I had my 2secs on the camera and we went about getting set for the ROAR.

We were informed that the Sardauna was enroute. Sardauna arrived with lots of fanfare, we all exchanged pleasantries, sorted out the registrations, prayed, picked our numbers agreed on the staggered ride formation and rolled out.

A short ride round the capital with the tv crew and we hit the highway. With the Sardauna on point and the escort vehicle behind, we sailed on.  Check points were smooth and stopping to enjoy the scenery⛅ for pictures was exciting. We got into Bauchi in good time. Riding through the homeland of Tafawa Balewa, we stopped at the city gates to take pictures.

Then the Sardauna took us to an NNPC fuel station⛽ with the mile long queue and hundreds of “Okadas” and  “Keke Napeps” we were ushered in like VIPs! Whilst filling up, an army officer rode in with a 600cc bike, introduced him self and we all gisted. Filled up , we rolled out. The army biker escorted us out of town as we hit the highway again. Next stop, JOS.

The roads.The roads….just awesome! Pacing at 130kmph, sweeping curves with 3km visibility, savouring the hills and rocks….I didn’t know when we got into Jtown!  Taking the by-pass, we met up with the Peace Riders MC crew already waiting for us.

We hollered, took pictures, reorganised the ride formation to include the new guys and headed out. Next stop, KADUNA.

Through the byepass, we took this hmmmmm…….wonderful road. With flat lands on either side such that one could see as far as the eyes could! Leaning, banking, counter steering… was all we were doing. It was a sight to behold watching the bikes ahead taking the Road in unison. Suddenly we arrived at our watering point (I didn’t want that road to end). We refreshed with water and soft drinks, reestablished our formation and proceeded. Then came the road that cuts through a hill simply magnificent!

Coming down from this hill, we rolled through the flat lands untill we got to an NNPC station in Kachia. Pulled in to refuel but sadly no fuel! See sweat dripping in unimaginable places. What to do? The sports bikes were thirsty, sports tourers..slightly while the adventurers were just smiling in one corner. Sardauna…Sardauna…Sardauna! Always a 2doer! He instructs the bikes to be availed 5liters each from the backup vehicle! Talk about planning and foresight!  That done, prayers done, we hit the road again. Barely 20km in we saw a ⛽station selling and dropped in to fill up, pictures and we continue.  The next 150km was blissful! We did 120km at a constant speed of 120kmph and I mean constant!!!!! Wishing I had cruise control like 2doer behind me(see attached video) who could not just help rubbing it in my face!

At about 35km to Kaduna, we met the welcome posse! (Infinite Bikers of Kaduna and Soul riders-who had come into Kaduna the previous day), And the local populace as well. Need I say, all check points were cool and calm sailings.

The welcome posse rode us into KD town to the already reserved hotel. We docked, checked into our rooms, refreshed and gathered by the pool for a lavish dinner all powered by Infinite bikers MC. We chilled, gisted, met new bikers, put faces to some already acquainted via forums….then retired to our rooms for the night … was a good day.Gombe start off point


NNPC Bauchi to top up


the PRMC waiting for Team RR in Jos

Water stop in Vom

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Awesome time at Kaduna courtesy the Infinite Riders MC Kilishi in Kaduna