By Dicta

It was agreed we would leave by 11am (Ibadan na short ride naaaa!), thus the morning was slow. Complimentary breakfast provided, we ate and just lazed around. Smilyn had been having oil leakage issues so it was being attended to again; bank transactions were carried out and I was completing day two’s report. At 11.30am, we gathered, prayed and planned the ride format. We decided there would be the fast group and the moderate group. Six of us opted for the fast group and the rest chose the moderate option.

We rolled out. Another VIP treatment at the NNPC station on the bypass, and we filled up and headed out. I was point for the fast group, with Gomez sweeping; whilst Sardauna led the moderate group with 2doer sweeping. Along the Ilorin airport road, we parked to separate the groups, re-calibrated ourselves, and rolled on, only for Gomez and 2doer not to show up. After waiting for another three minutes, we agreed the moderates should proceed and they moved on. 2doer then showed up and explained that Gomez had a Valve blowout! OMG I thought….not today!  We had two choices – to continue and leave him with the back up vehicle, or turn back.

Of course we turned back and went to be with him. At the vulcanizer, the valve had been removed and the mech had gone to the sawmill to buy another. So we sat down to gist, drink water and listen to the local gist. The vulcanizer returned, fixed the valve and started the pumping machine. That’s when I saw that it was a car engine with a radiator that had been converted to a pumping machine! What ingenuity! Though arguments say what’s the running cost as compared to profit? radiator, battery, starter etc.

Tires pumped, we regrouped and took off like we had been caged for years! Hitting the Ilorin – Ogbomosho expressway, we reconfirmed that these were crotch rockets! 60km in about 15minutes or so, I was averaging 240 only and I was the last. At the Ogbomosho end, I stopped and went back to alert the guys coming of the abrupt end of the road especially for Engr. Habu who had not been on this road before, only to meet Godwin’s fellow VFR1200 “SOUL ” panting, out of breadth and spewing green fluid on the ground. Another casualty? Abeg o! It had overheated. The option was to wait for it to cool down.

The remainder of the speed group continued to Oyo through the old road. Just before Oyo, we took a detour that should have led us from the old road to the expressway going to Ibadan but at the end, it scattered the group and redirected us to Oyo town. Long story short, we each found our ways to the express,  and as if by telepathy, we all reassembled under a bridge on the express with the moderate crew who had one lost sheep they were also waiting for, and the Ibadan welcoming posse! It was good to see them.

Pleasantries exchanged, we regrouped and rolled out with the Ibadan posse leading, however the fast group continued their research in aero dynamic resistance and Xratch’s thesis on the speed required to rip the edges of leather pants. He is currently doing this research for ICON the US bike gear giant!

As the research commenced, out of the blues came this Kawi ZZ11r also doing his research. Xratch tried to impose his thesis on this newcomer, but the raw power of the zz11r bluntly refused. At 250 and increasing, I confirmed that my teeth were complete and dropped out of the research going on in front of me. Not too long after, the research ended in Ojoo, Ibadan. By now Xratch and Gomez were precariously low on fuel, so we entered a filling station we saw at Sango. Whilst filling up, the welcome crew and RR team got into town and went on to our anchor point, Premier Hotel. We met up with them at the hotel and thanked God for journey mercies.

Having pre-arranged our lodgings, we all checked in and rested. Then Xratch, Ripple, 2doer, Soul, Smilyn, 46 and Godwin went for Amala at Inastrate (this brought back memories of my student days at the great University of Ibadan).  I learnt after the amala and abula that the RR team had claimed one last casualty, Ripple. A low slider drop at the reducing radius bend, which links the Ilorin-Ogbomosho expressway. A bus had run wide, and almost into him but nothing damaged as the mushroom took most of the impact.

Back from the Amala joint, I went straight to bed, heard the 09ers RR team as they came in from Abuja, and later learnt they all went for the hosting at Tintin’s by Pilleum MC.

It was a short ride, but every ride is unique and must be accorded its respect. I am extremely grateful to God almighty for his mercies and favour.

It was now time for the RR to hit Ibadan.