By Dicta

The night at the Premier Hotel Ibadan was not restful! There was a night club below, jamming bad music at a very high volume all night till 5.30am! Since I could not sleep, I used this opportunity to complete day three and some of day four’s riding reports

And so day five started on that note. We were to leave Ibadan by 10am, head to Abeokuta via the old road and enter Lagos through the old tollgate (7up).

Amanor, Lacoste, Duski and Big D joined us there. A lazy breakfast with Dudus and Ripple, some interactions with the pretty hotel receptionist and I was good to go.

At 10 we were still not ready. We finally assembled past 11am, said our prayers, mapped out the ride pattern (moderate & fast) and rolled out. We were 37 in all,  as 2doer stood by the gate to count each RR rider as we passed.

The moderate guys rolled off, one fastie sought our indulgence to stop and take a picture at his alma mater along Apata road. He was obliged, and then the RR train proceeded to Abeokuta. The ride was smooth with sweeping curves and bends. It was fulfilling to see about eight bikes ahead and another six behind, riding in unison like a majestic cobra sweeping the landscape.

There was a stop at Odeda but I continued, waiting further up front to capture the RR as it roared by, then got back on the road again. I came across the lads stopping a second time, but I just went by because I was becoming dehydrated. Ripple followed suit and we headed to NNPC Abeokuta, where we stopped and topped up. The 09ers crew came in not too long after, and we all waited along the Abeokuta – Sagamu expressway for the others. As they went by, we saddled up (fasties) and opened up again. We caught up with the moderates, paled them, and we resumed our research in theories of aerodynamics only to be halted by some convoy going at 80kmph arrrrrrgh!!!! spoil sports! They wouldn’t allow us pass even though we signaled “espirit de corps”. We tailed them to the Nestle roundabout at Sagamu, where Xratch blew by them in a flash whooom! As we all prepared to follow suit, they detoured towards Benin and we resumed our research on the newly tarred research laboratories between Sagamu and “Redeem”. There was slight traffic around Redeem, Arepo and Mowe, with stand still traffic on the other side. We got to the long bridge and opened up briefly. Then it was on to Berger and finally our arrival at our meeting point at the Lagos tollgate, at about 2.28pm! God be praised.
Gradually the rest of the posse started rolling in one after the other until we had only 2 bikers remaining. We learnt they had issues – one had a broken chain and the other had a knocked engine! What to do? We decided to wait there until the last man came in and wait we did till 5.15pm!! As we reassembled to head out to ‘The Gathering’ venue, the 30-year-old BMW K100 refused to start and it was diagnosed that the fuel pump had dropped its resignation letter. So we pushed it into the FRSC office nearby for safekeeping. Having enlisted the support of the Road Safety Corps, they provided an escort for us to the venue. With him leading, the 40-man team RR (some bikers joined in Lagos whilst Duski returned to Ibadan), and backup truck roared into Lagos. We rode through the 3rd Mainland Bridge, Dolphin, Osborne, Bourdillon, Lekki link bridge and mad “Lasgidi” traffic, and arrived at the Vantage Beach Hotel Lagos, where the RR transformed into the Gathering!

3,031km of pure riding bliss.The K100 rode back to Kaduna on Sunday, the R1 with the broken chain continued to Ghana whilst the BMW with the knocking sound got back to Abuja and was attended to.
















































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